Lend stablecoins - Earn $JADE

The Jade RWA Platform

Democratising access to the $50+ billion jade market.
Join the community to yield rewards.

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Co-founded by the owners of the largest jade reserve globally

jade block

13 Million kg of Jade Gemstones Sourced

Secured contract for 13 million kg of jade gemstones via our partners.

Processed jade pendant

Processing Partners Secured to Uplift Value

Processing jade results in a 100%-500% uplift in value.

Jade distribution warehouse

Sales Distribution Network Established

Partnered with existing leaders in wholesale jade distribution.

Built by Industry Experts

Combined expertise in both the traditional mining and blockchain industry


James Bowater

  • Founder & CEO Digital Commonwealth
  • Advisor to 10+ blockchain projects
  • Blockchain media expert
William Ralston Saul profile photo

William Ralston-Saul

Chief Executive Officer
  • 10+ years in mining
  • Sold 3+ mines
  • Blockchain educator
David Atkinsonprofile photo

David Atkinson

Chief Technology Officer
  • Co-founder of Holochain
  • $HOLO $6B marketcap (ATH)
  • Built tokenomics for 60+ projects
Kevin Foo profile Photo

Kevin Foo

Mining Partner
  • 30+ year mining veteran
  • Jade reserve owner
  • Last company sold for $360M
James Bernard profile photo

James Bernard

Chief Commercial Officer
  • 10+ years at the DMCC
  • Commodities expert
  • Advisor to 5+ projects

A Community-Powered Platform

The Jade City platform gives power to the community. Lenders receive yield in physical jade, and remaining profits generated from buying, processing and selling jade are distributed to Jade City token ($JCT) holders.

jade city lending interface

Easy to Use

Start lending with just a few clicks and watch your yield grow

Lend with Confidence

All loans are collateralised with Jade City's jade, protecting all lenders.

Transparent Data

Check the vault data for collateral data & all $JADE receipts

Yield an RWA Passively

We do all the work, and you earn physical jade passively.

A Non-Fungible RWA

Jade is a naturally non-fungible gemstone, a natural lottery...

Expertly Designed

The platform is designed by experts to be safe, secure and robust.

Protocol Overview - How it Works

Our community-powered protocol gives early access to the jade value chain, opening the gates to passive yield and profit distribution.

power symbol icon

You lend

powering the DeFi protocol

boulder icon

We process & sell jade

with the assistance of our partners

profit icon

You profit

from the value uplift

How to get involved

In Jade City, the primary way to gain exposure to the ecosystem is through the Jade City token. ($JCT). The platform profits will be distributed to token holders.

Become a $JCT holder
(TGE Q3)

Profit generated from selling jade will be distributed to the Jade City token holders, via a buy and burn mechanism.

Deflationary token

As TVL on the platform grows, the quantity of $JCT burns exponentially.

Profit distribution

The buy and burn on $JCT effectively distributes profits to token holders.

token pic
$JADE claim interface

Become a lender (coming soon)

In return for lending, jadeites will be provided with a high APY in $JADE - where 1 gram of jade is one $JADE token. There will also be an option for a lower APY in stablecoins.

Yield passively

Loan stablecoins and yield physical jade - tokenised, tangible value.

Lend a stable asset

Lending stablecoins eliminates risk of volatility over the lending period

Jade City is only just the beginning.

Mineral Empire - The City Incubator


Towers representing cities
Gem city icon
Jade city icon

Jade City is the first City, focusing on the Jade market. Key supply chain partners secured, and tokenomic model perfected for global liquidity to seamlessly enter.

Metal City icon
Crystal city icon
crystal city

Become a jadeite - join our community